(Hotel) terrace


(Hotel) terrace

Terrace at the front
Our terrace is beautifully situated in the sun and attractively furnished with lounge sofas, fireplaces and shade sails. Our terrace has been included in the top 100 of the best terraces in the Netherlands for many years. Ideal in the morning for, for example, a cup of coffee with 100% homemade pastries and later in the day, of course, for a drink.

And when it cools down? Then we heat the terrace with heaters and the terrace blankets are ready for you.

Terrace garden
Recently also a terrace especially for our hotel guests in our organic garden! Order your drink here via a QR code made on the tree trunk and a member of staff will bring it to you. Enjoy all the greenery around you and take a look at what our chefs are growing in the garden.

How do I get there? Walk through the Chapel (breakfast room) which is opposite the reception.

Terrace reception entrance
Also special for our hotel guests is the terrace at the entrance of the reception. Go undisturbed to read a book in one of our new benches and order here too by scanning the QR code.